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West Keansburg Fire Company #1

Located in the West Keansburg Section of Hazlet Township, Monmouth County, since 1925, our company has served the Township of Hazlet (formerly called Raritan Township- until 1967).  We respond to calls with the other township companies - Hazlet Fire Company #1 and North Centerville Vol. Fire Company #1.

Our Company operates under the command of a  Company Chief (rotates every three years as Township Chief), Captain, 1st Lieutenant, (2) 2nd Lieutenants, Safety Officer, and Chief of Fire Police.

The Fire Company operates 3 Class A Engines.  

Our first due response engine for most calls is Engine 3-80, a 2010 KME 2000GPM Hale/ 500 GWT.  

Our second due engine (first on calls such as CO Alarms) is Engine 3-81 is a 2003 KME 1500 GPM Hale/ 750 GWT.  

Our third due engine is Engine 3-82, a 1996 KME.  This is primarily used as a back up engine and is first due to brush fires.  This engine is backed up by Brush 3-93, a 1999 Dodge brush truck, with a 150 GPM Hale/ 250GWT.  The company also operates a 2013 Chevy Tahoe Chiefs Command vehicle (3-66) and two utility vehicles used for manpower and fire police; 3-86- a 2011 Ford F-350 and 3-87- a 2005 Chevrolet Suburban. 

In 2015, the company purchased and placed a zodiac rescue boat in service.  The unit number is called "Marine 39-3".

All apparatus can be seen on the APPARATUS page

The Fire Company also rent out the banquet hall to the public.  All Information can be located on our Hall Rentals page.


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